Lessons Learned #1: NY, Lend me some sugar!

I apologize for the delay in writing a new blogpost. I have been so busy with work and familiarizing myself with NY! Every day I am falling more and more in love with New York City and my internship with Relevent.

Since my last post, I have thus far visited 4/5 boroughs of New York with the exception of Staten Island. My goal is to ride the Staten Island Ferry, get some pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and then explore a tiny bit there before coming back to Manhattan. Two weeks ago, I went to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island to see musical acts such as Major Lazer, Passion Pit, Duck Sauce, Santigold, Big Gigantic and more. It was life changing – everyone was so positive and enjoyed every moment as it came. My favorite act was Major Lazer – they know how to put on a great show and connect with the crowd. The event was sponsored by CamelBak which provided free refill stations and branded CamelBaks (very clever) as well as by Honda, Fosters, and MillerLite among numerous other sponsors. To the left is a photo we (my roommate, her friend James, and our suitemate Julie) took at their photo activation on site.

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