Lessons Learned #1: NY, Lend me some sugar!

I apologize for the delay in writing a new blogpost. I have been so busy with work and familiarizing myself with NY! Every day I am falling more and more in love with New York City and my internship with Relevent.

Since my last post, I have thus far visited 4/5 boroughs of New York with the exception of Staten Island. My goal is to ride the Staten Island Ferry, get some pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and then explore a tiny bit there before coming back to Manhattan. Two weeks ago, I went to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island to see musical acts such as Major Lazer, Passion Pit, Duck Sauce, Santigold, Big Gigantic and more. It was life changing – everyone was so positive and enjoyed every moment as it came. My favorite act was Major Lazer – they know how to put on a great show and connect with the crowd. The event was sponsored by CamelBak which provided free refill stations and branded CamelBaks (very clever) as well as by Honda, Fosters, and MillerLite among numerous other sponsors. To the left is a photo we (my roommate, her friend James, and our suitemate Julie) took at their photo activation on site.

Relevent has really been wonderful and it’s hard to believe I am at the halfway point of my term

Lake Michigan in Milwaukee

there. I’ve learned and observed things that cannot be taught in a textbook or class like managing client relationships, brainstorming digital integration to events, and how to pack lightly (still not my forte). Last week, I was given the opportunity to travel with the team to help Bath and Body Works’ activation at Summerfest. Milwaukee is absolutely underrated – it is beautiful! I am very thankful I got to travel with a brand I have been working so closely with since sophomore year in Ann Arbor. I know a lot of interns do not have that privilege and am glad I went – I learned the importance of always having a plan A, B, C, D, all the way to Z and how to work on your toes! It was rewarding to see an event come to life and to experience production and client services first hand.

During this trip, one of our account executives at Relevent named Allie told me something at Mitchell Airport in Wisconsin that has stuck with me since. It is something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my career. Originally, I was under the impression before interning in New York that I had to lose my midwestern sweetness and become the celebrated “New York tough.” People always say if you’re too nice, others will trample over you without ever looking back – nice guys always finish last right? But Allie, who is also from Michigan, told me to never lose our signature Midwestern kindness because “honey always gets you further than vinegar.” Not only does the kindness stand out amongst others who are the “New York” tough but it also simply gets you further when you need help, when you have a special request with vendors, or with client relations. Being angry and rude to others is not only a waste of your energy, but it’s contagious to those around you and wastes their energy as well. Lesson learned:  I can still be sweet and say my “p’s and q’s” while kicking major you-kn0w-what in my career. The sincerity of kindness does not go unnoticed and is not a sign of weakness.


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