Reconnecting With A Stranger – Since The Last Time We Spoke…

Quite frankly, I ought to be shunned.

It took me 3 login attempts to get back into this blog and 2 different usernames.

I won’t lie – I considered shutting this thing down and starting all over again just to not be haunted by the fact that I haven’t written in it in more than a year. But that would leave me like a dog with its tail between its legs in admitting defeat that yes – I got too busy my senior year seeking a job and then actually working hard at my aforementioned career to collect my own thoughts and write them down along the way. It’s a telling sign of my how much I have grown since, but not in the way I want it to be portrayed.

In the constant work/life battle that pervades most New Yorkers spirits and the rush of being “an adult,” I lost my itch to write, to create and as a result, to connect in deeper ways than a Facebook comment or an Instagram like. It is easy to lose the desire in finding time for you as a living human being when you become complacent with trying to experience what is within reach. And honestly, it is a very scary and intimidating thing to do to let others into your mind and become vulnerable to judgement and being misread. But now I have come to the epiphany (and not the cliche, overused version of the term) that I want to take the necessary steps so I can recall my past, enrich the present and be able to cherish it all in the future with not only friends and colleagues but with complete strangers the stories and experiences that mutually embrace and connect us all.

I am making a promise to myself to renew my vows with this blog – yes, this very blog and no other – to capture my thoughts that slip in and out of my mind and my experiences with international travels, observations and living.

I hope it touches people and that you guys will love reading about it as much as I will enjoy writing about it. Let’s make no mistake though – I want it to engage you as an individual and (hopefully!) become a 2-way conversation.

Let’s begin.

And don’t be a stranger in digging back to what I used to say and think. If I wrote it, I meant it at the time and there’s no shame in seeing the growth from that point to now : ).



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