Notes On A Napkin – Sydney Eats

• On A Time Crunch: Thr1ve.
• Girls Dinner & Wine Night: Fratelli Fresh.
• Need A Great Beachside Brunch: Trio.
• If You’re So Edgy & Hip: Sake.
• That Novelty “Ethnic” Restaurant You Have To Go To: Chat Thai.
• Worth The Hype: Iceberg Club.
• Worth Sacrificing Your Firstborn Child: Chiswick.


“That Is So Unlike You” – Bungy Jumping In Auckland

I finally did it.

Being entirely drunk and high on pure life is something I will never let myself forget. I can officially say I bungy jumped off of the Auckland bridge.

And the fact that a lot of people told me “that is so unlike you” only makes it that much more satisfying.

In Auckland (the major city of New Zealand), my fantastic tour guide Simonne spoiled me rotten. We knew each other in high school (she went to Catholic Central and I went to City High in Michigan) and had a strong friendship chemistry that has lasted through college to now. Upon graduation, she moved to New Zealand with her family and has been there ever since.

Without her, my trip would not have been nearly half as successful – her friends welcomed me with open arms, taught me a lot about the Maori/Kiwi culture and made my quick three day trip so fulfilling. Simonne works in the fine dining industry and we literally had the best meals in the entire world, including my first Executive Chef’s dinner experience with the food prepared right in front of us (will write a post on this!).

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

What kind of American tourists would Dani, Jess and I be without taking some kind of adventurous excursion? 

Luckily, this is one even native Australians suggested we do and I will say it was 100% worth it.

On one of our free days after a crazy (yet fun) week of work, we decided to commit to a climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at twilight. Twilight was suggested by one of our team members who had been before and we are so glad we did as booking at twilight provided an opportunity to see all of Sydney and the Harbour in daylight, at sunset and at night. The bridge is 440′ tall from the top to the water and would be the height of our peak views. The trip itself took about 3.5 hours from training to completion.

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KiaOra & G’Day United States!

“Holy @#$!” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I am currently writing this blog post on the plane from Sydney to Los Angeles (which will then take me to New York) while the flight is dark and every passenger is asleep. I’ve tossed and turned for the past hour but cannot seem to put my thoughts to rest.

Although I have left “down undah” with great sadness from saying goodbye to my new friends and having a whole lot less money in my savings account, I have never felt so fulfilled and rejuvenated in my life. A newfound vigor has been instilled in me in what I want to do and see in the miniscule bit of time we have in this world. I really hope it’s not “just a phase” but instead, a new outlook I will keep with me for a long, long time to come.

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