Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

What kind of American tourists would Dani, Jess and I be without taking some kind of adventurous excursion? 

Luckily, this is one even native Australians suggested we do and I will say it was 100% worth it.

On one of our free days after a crazy (yet fun) week of work, we decided to commit to a climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at twilight. Twilight was suggested by one of our team members who had been before and we are so glad we did as booking at twilight provided an opportunity to see all of Sydney and the Harbour in daylight, at sunset and at night. The bridge is 440′ tall from the top to the water and would be the height of our peak views. The trip itself took about 3.5 hours from training to completion.

To prepare for such an adventure, we had to 1) not drink at all the night prior to ensure we blew less than .05 (legal limit) which is surprisingly difficult to adhere to when working in the events industry and 2) go to the bathroom before putting on the below heinous jumpers that made me feel like I was in Top Gun.


Crokies on our sunglasses – we ready, world. Unfortunately, we could not bring our own cell phones on the climb but we did manage to make good use of that.


We may or may not have held up the entire team from leaving with our string of selifes. #Shameless.

With a team of (14) people from around the world, we were ready to embark on our journey. We were prepped and trained with the procedures on how to safely climb what was once a maintenance path on the original bridge. Our guide, Bernie, was awesome and had been doing the Climb with groups for (14) years. He was a quirkie dude but incredibly helpful and patient with all of us on the trip. We walked from the Bridge Climb HQ across the bridge over the water. As we continued upward and toward the water, the temperatures went from comfortable to extremely chilly. I thought I wouldn’t need the gloves, beanie or jacket they provided us…


We are nearly at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for our first photo with the sun setting. My hair looks crazy red in this one!

unnamedSydney’s Central Business District and the Harbour  behind us with a stunning view of the Opera House.


The team! Shout out to Pepa and Enrique from Spain…


Coat time. The top of the Bridge at sunset! Above me was an Australian flag and, specially for that week, the Aboriginal flag which featured a red half and a black half with a yellow circle in the middle.


I caved in and put on the beanie too. This was on the way down, which had the most beautiful views of Sydney at night. To the bottom right is The Rocks, Sydney’s oldest and cutest neighborhood, which is where the English originally settled in Australia.

The 360 views were absolutely lovely of Sydney. All the colors shifting from daylight to night was worth every penny of the trip. I really recommend doing this in Sydney if you have the chance.

We left with a lot of pictures and memories but could not wait to come back to the hotel for…


The world’s best hot chocolate shots. Literally – the best. It may just appear like your average everyday free hotel giveaway to guests (some days water, some days coffee), but do not let that guise fool you. Jess, Dani and I would time our day/treks back to the hotel around when these babies were out. We heckled the concierge and the front desk people daily to see when they would be out and we would become angry on the days they lied to us as we waited around anxiously.  It tasted like melted cupcakes and Kit Kats… With my experience in desserts over my teenage years, I was pretty sure it was malt they added to the hot cocoa. Or nicotine. Either way, cheers to Radisson Blu Plaza in Sydney CBD for the world’s hidden treasure – its hot cocoa machine. We burned our tongues after chugging these bad boys after our Bridge Climb but nothing ever hurt so good.

Australian Slang 102

  • “Bogan.” A personal favorite – it is equivalent to the American version of “white trash.”

New Zealand Slang 102

  • “Sweet as” (or “cool as”) with nothing trailing after it. It means “really awesome.”




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