“That Is So Unlike You” – Bungy Jumping In Auckland

I finally did it.

Being entirely drunk and high on pure life is something I will never let myself forget. I can officially say I bungy jumped off of the Auckland bridge.

And the fact that a lot of people told me “that is so unlike you” only makes it that much more satisfying.

In Auckland (the major city of New Zealand), my fantastic tour guide Simonne spoiled me rotten. We knew each other in high school (she went to Catholic Central and I went to City High in Michigan) and had a strong friendship chemistry that has lasted through college to now. Upon graduation, she moved to New Zealand with her family and has been there ever since.

Without her, my trip would not have been nearly half as successful – her friends welcomed me with open arms, taught me a lot about the Maori/Kiwi culture and made my quick three day trip so fulfilling. Simonne works in the fine dining industry and we literally had the best meals in the entire world, including my first Executive Chef’s dinner experience with the food prepared right in front of us (will write a post on this!).

Knowing how both go-with-the-flow we both are as travel soul mates, we decided to go skydiving since neither have us have done it before and where better to do it than scenic New Zealand?

Unfortunately, the day we chose to go was far too windy. We were both extremely bummed about the change in plans but elected to make the best of it:  we chose another thrill seeking adventure – bungy jumping off the Auckland bridge.

See below for the experience from top to bottom:

Simonne and I right before my jump! She was my support system/photographer in going through with it and since she had done it before, she walked me through the experience.


I made a friend from Sydney as we were both scared out of our minds to execute out first bungy jumps!


As ready as I’ll ever be for the jump…


Standing on the plank with nothing but you and the water below was the most frightening and thrilling experience. I was shaking as I peered over my toes at the drop awaiting me. Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed (Remix) blared in the background and the pounding rush of the salt water.

AJHA407111196507 (3)

What if something were to go wrong? I was literally flirting with death and human mortality.

I started to panic.

I was strapped in and Bjorn, my coordinator, began to count backwards from 5…

AJHA407111196505 (1)

I spread my arms and went for it.

AJHA407111196506 (2)

I screamed the entire way down at the top of my lungs.

I was absolutely sure I was going to die face first into the water.

As the cord pulled back with the tension of my weight, I started laughing. Instead, I pulled the cord to allow me to sit up and enjoy the stunning views in front of me of the islands of New Zealand and the skyline of Auckland.


AJHA407111196511 (2)

The below photo was taken immediately after my jump when I was back on solid ground. Such an adrenaline rush and a sense of feeling infinite and alive as visible by the ear-to-ear smile.

10540546_10202498184996595_5153296248091392064_n First thing I said when I got back up was “can I do it again?!”

Next time, I hope to bungy jump off of something even higher and if all goes to plan, perhaps in Queenstown, New Zealand with my love, Simonne.

Regardless, I highly recommend the experience and I cannot wait to go skydiving and push myself out of my comfort zone even more!

Australian Slang 103

Soz – an abbreviation for “sorry” pronounced like “sauce” with a “z” (zed in Australia)

New Zealand Slang 103

Reckon – no, this does not have a bogan / hick connotation like in the U.S. They love to say they reckon this, reckon that. That means you, Simonne, if you’re reading this!



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