A Glimpse Into Sydney’s Night Life

When I catch up with old friends or make new ones, people tend to ask: “what exactly do you do for a living?” or “what is your job…?”

When I first entered the professional world, I will say it was something I tended to gloss over or stutter out some topline answer because I didn’t even know how to explain it. But really, what I personally do is only one portion of the industry people are so curious about.

The experiential marketing industry is what has granted me the opportunity to travel (whether that be in San Antonio, TX or Sydney, Australia) and with that, I really do try to make friends wherever I go and see the town when I have completed work. Each city has such a unique personality, it would be a major shame to allow “being tired” or “being too busy” to prevent someone from embracing each place. How do you know what’s cool about a city (beyond tourist attractions!)? Make friends and ask questions! I made a personal vow that anyone who helps me in a city I visit, I will help them in New York or in Michigan should they visit as a favor – and this summer alone, I’ve been able to return the favor to my friends I’ve made in Australia and Norway by hosting them in NYC. See below for a visit from my Australian friend, Aundrea, this past week for NY Fashion Week and check out her line called Isabel and I:


In Sydney, I was blessed to work with such an awesome team of people who were fantastic friends come the end of our five days together. It had begun to feel like a family of colleagues. Every single person had such a fun and starkly different personality that all of us getting to know one another was a constant good time.

As a going away celebration, we went to The Argyle in The Rocks neighborhood of Sydney. The Rocks, as mentioned in a prior post, is the oldest neighborhood in Australia and is known as the traditional home of “Gadigal,” the place of first European settlement in the whole continent. Named for literally its appearance and location on the harbour shore, it is lined with cobblestone alleys and incredible architecture that has historically been maintained, upheld and restored. Not only is it stunning, but within holds many of Sydney’s cultural manifests, including the The Museum Of Contemporary Art (MCA).


The Rocks (above) and the MCA (below) on George Street.

Something pretty interesting to note about Sydney’s night life is their newly implemented  “lock out” laws for bars and clubs. All bars and clubs will not allow any new guests within after 1:30AM and last drinks are served at 3AM. You also may not purchase any alcohol after 10PM to take home (like a 6-pack or a bottle of wine).

Regardless, we had a great time checking out the scene, especially since it contrasted so much from my experience of New York City night life.

See below for some fun pictures of our night out in Australia with my incredible new friends:

10547496_10202101548571231_3689608579839091998_n 10396279_10152361262658705_5134197742527191665_n 10393706_10152361262563705_781766963987945035_n 10360787_10202101547931215_2755411026487423582_n

I miss them all dearly already.



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