New Zealand’s Wine Country: The Island Of Waiheke

New Zealand’s “winter,” I learned this past summer, is essentially a Michigan Spring. Grey, wet and you’ll definitely need a jacket.

I visited in July this year after my trip to Australia and flew from Sydney to New Zealand’s capital, Auckland. When the lovely Simonne (who is featured in my post about bungee jumping) offered to show me around, I leaped at the opportunity. I booked a super cheap flight ($175) via Virgin Atlantic and made it to Auckland in about 3 hours.

An important thing to note when traveling to New Zealand is that they have some serious customs laws and enforcement – and they don’t mind side tracking your itinerary to ensure you’re clean. In the interest of protecting their wildlife and renowned natural beauty, they strictly abide by regulations on meat, nuts, vegetation, etc. I was unfortunately placed in a massive line where they searched through bags and carry-on items. Make note of this potential time-stealer when traveling internationally into NZ.

I was sadly in this incredible country for a mere 3 days, and with that, Simonne mentioned she had the perfect plan for me as we settled into our hotel in Auckland: We were going on a boat to the island of Waiheke, which boasts of some of New Zealand’s most amazing wine country – something I could not miss while visiting, even in the winter.

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