School is in Session!

The school year has come back in full swing. October is underway and my first exam and first paper of the semester have come and gone. Does the rest of senior year go by this fast?

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New York, New York

I tried desperately not to be a typical cliche tourist with wide-eyed, open-mouthed, and camera-clutching excitement…But I think I am allowed to be that way at least for the first week of living in New York.

This is the first time I have ever visited the city before and it truly made me feel like this is the place forĀ me. I loved the diversity of the people, all the great (and surprisingly cheap) restaurants with all kinds of cuisines from around the world, and how unique everyone was – no one was scared to rock MC Hammer pants, a crop top, and purple lipstick in the daytime. It made me really want to take a lot more style risks. There was also a lot more greenery than I thought there would be which made the transition from Grand Rapids to NYC a lot easier. The Gramercy area is wonderful because it feels so massive but at the same time so small with its constant liveliness and tree-lined streets and parks.

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