Back to Reality: Everything is Coming Together

I have officially landed and settled (sort of) back to Grand Rapids from New York as of Saturday. It was strange to get used to the silence back at home (no sirens or honking!) and fresh, clean smelling air compared to New York, but I would love to experience it all again. 

My last week in New York was very bittersweet but by far my favorite. I got onto my plane in Newark exhausted, satisfied and inspired more than ever to go after what I want for my career and my future.

Tuesday was my very last day at Relevent and it was just as sad and depressing as I thought it would be but filled with promise. I told myself I wouldn’t cry (but I did) when I said goodbye to everyone there. They were really like family. I made handwritten thank you cards for every person there and bought a large batch of GET UP AND GO caffeinated baked goods for the whole office as a parting gift. Fellow interns Emmy and Bri also got BEAUTIFUL (and I mean the best looking I’ve seen) cupcakes for the office too! I’ll miss everyone there so much but truly appreciate all the experiences, responsibilities, and opportunities I was given there. I was able to meet people and visit places I never imagined I could go to in a million years. If any of you are given the chance to intern there, I seriously recommend it. You will never see a team of people work harder. You’ll grow professionally in 3 months more than you have in a year at school.

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