A Breeze Through The South – Atlanta & Dallas

For those of you who know me personally – I am not a very “Southern” type of person/traveler. There are many reasons for this: I hate hot/humid places, I disagree with far-right thinkers (and the use of the Confederate Flag in Southern-inspired interior design) and I prefer a more fast-paced lifestyle, among other reasons. I think this stereotype I’ve built up over the years of this region added up to why when I had a chance to travel, I tend to volunteer specifically for West Coast, East Coast or Midwestern metropolises rather than the slower yet charming South (yes, I know what you’re thinking – is the Midwest that different from the South? Yes, yes it is.)

I finally was exposed to more Southern living and lifestyle through work when I visited Atlanta, GA for the first time and Dallas, TX and now have a special place in my heart for both cities.

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